Water For The World!!!

What we’re looking at is the first clean water well built in Nepal that was funded by “The Biggest Small Church In Humble.”

Nepal is lies between India and China. It is predominantly a Hindu country but is being penetrated by the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We’re a “small” church in Humble, TX but are empowered to build wells on the other side of the world. God does extraordinary things through ordinary people.

This clean water well attends to the 60 odd families of a village. Without this clean water well the villagers would have to walk for miles and miles in hopes of finding water…nothing guaranteed. But now they can grab their water pots and go to the courtyard. Glory to God in the Highest!!!

This came about by Servant Leader McDaniel going on Missionary trips all over the world and seeing the need with his own eyes. The Apostle James tells us that faith without works is dead. Servant Leader saw the need, took the initiative to establish communication with the relative party in Nepal, presented it to the church, and the church took action. Members paid tithes and also paid what we call THE WELL FUND.


Personally speaking, the money I take out of my wallet to send overseas…is God’s money. He has something on His mind that is bigger than what I would have done with it, something we have termed WATER FOR THE WORLD!!!



Pastor is doing a great work in the world. Not only baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…Not only edifying the Body of Christ overseas…but also tending to their personal needs – not simply ignoring those needs.

So now I want to ask you to do something. Henry Blackaby, author of the popular Christian book Experiencing God, wrote, “You don’t have to come up with something new. Instead, just find out where God is already working and join Him in that work.” What a word…

I want to ask you to join in where God is already working. Mission trips have been funded by Christians prompted by the Holy Spirit. Money has been collected and sent. A well has been built already. The work is going on right now.

I’m asking you to join this work that God is already doing. Get in on it. This work is gonna go on, but you have an opportunity to touch the heart of Christ by joining in on this work. You and I can go to Kroger or Walmart and buy a 24 pack of water. My family has packs of water under the table, in the garage, and in my wife’s trunk! God has positioned us to be able to give WATER TO THE WORLD!!!


You may be like I have been at times. You may be able to sow only $5, $10, or $20. In the words of Pastor McDaniel, “That’s okay, we can get there $10 at a time.” I realized if I didn’t give $5 or $10 towards WATER FOR THE WORLD… that small seed was exceedingly more impactful than no seed at all.

You may be fortunate enough to sow a much bigger seed towards providing water for the world. Don’t think about it. I would even step out on a limb and say don’t pray about doing something that God has already preapproved. It’s just a matter of being a willing vessel.

Simply click “Donate” above and whatever seed you decide to plant will be a super seed towards a great cause. We thank you in advance for being a willing spirit!



Rev Daryl Barlow