Nepal Mission Trip


Days 1-2 (Pain And Pain, Joy And Pain)



Kathmandu, Nepal


We left the airport about 6:40 pm headed to Frankfurt, Germany. The Flight took about 10 hours. We had a 2 hour layover in Frankfurt.

From there we caught the next flight to India, which was an 8 hour flight ; when we arrived in India, we had a 5 1/2 hour layover to catch a plane from India to Kathmandu, Nepal.

While we were there we had a “Terminal Change.” That means we had to catch a bus ride onto the runway; the bus literally pulled up onside the plane. And we had to walk up some stairs to board the plane.


Terminal Change


The flight from India to Kathmandu, Nepal was a 2 1/2 hour flight. We had to purchase our Visa Cards in the airport (that’s the setup). We recovered our luggage, and some pastors with 2 vehicles were waiting to pick us up.

By that time we were exhausted! It was about 8:30am, and we went directly into a church service that lasted about 4 1/2 hours. I was pass tired – by then I was in pain! I preached a message and a pastor from Buffalo New York preached a message. Understand this: It’s Saturday morning in Nepal. That’s their day for church service. We went from planes to pulpits!

Paul said to Timothy be ready in season and out of season. We were pass tired…better yet in pain! The people had been waiting an hour for us to get there. We were late. Denise sang and Christine preached.

One woman came up for prayer, and as I prayed for her she burst out crying with a cry of pain in her heart, which broke my heart. I prayed for her for about 10 minutes. She laid her head on my chest and cried…and cried…and cried. The pastor’s wife came to get her but she grabbed me tighter – and I just continued to pray.

As I looked around, all other prayers had stopped, and me and her were standing in the front of the church praying and crying. The saints were praying with me. I didn’t ask her what her request was because I could not speak the language – but God knew! And after a while I called the pastor’s wife to come get her.

We closed out the service. People of God, I can still feel her pain. As we closed out service the church prepared a meal for us…my first Nepali meal. Not bad at all… A lot of rice, very little chicken, and some vegetables. The church sponsored meals for everybody there.


As we prepared to go, the lady I prayed for came back and hugged me and said thank you. God always gets the glory when you get out the way.

It was about 3pm. Neil took us to see a Buddhist temple – and a very interesting place where Hinduism is practiced. It’s on the banks of a pool or river where millions of people go yearly. In this river of dirty water, people wash and declare their sins removed.


But more interesting was the fact that people practice HUMAN SACRIFICES there. People nearly dead were brought there, wrapped in sheets and burned. The custom is their families dip water from the dirty river into their faces and mouths – and after that put them on piles to burn their flesh. (Lord have mercy…)


When we got there, there were about 6 piles of bodies being burned and one person being dressed for the sacrifice.




As a matter of fact Neil, our leader and coordinator, got saved many years ago in Nepal. He said he used to come to this same location everyday and pray for hours concerning the lostness of the people.


Dear Christian community: People are still lost and are practicing rituals you would not believe. Lets not let up on our effort to pray for those that have not come to Christ yet. That’s the reason we have to be diligent about Jesus’ command to GO. We are trying to reach the Hindus and Buddhists and equip others in this work.

We believe if we can convert some Hindus and Buddhists, they would make much better witnesses to their community than we can ever be. Paul said that it is his ambition to preach the Gospel where Christ is not known.

Still in this same day and place of tiredness, Neil said it would be our only day to do some shopping. So we shopped in a market place of many shops and grabbed some souvenirs and finally headed to the hotel for some much needed rest.

We got to the hotel; the bed felt like a soft brick. They said, “Lets rest for an hour and get a late supper,” but I declared I had enough! All I wanted was some sleep. If I can quote anybody at the end of the day it would be Frankie Beverly. “Joy and Pain.”

Day 3 (Ambassador For African Americans)

Woke up refreshed and went down to breakfast with the team…headed for what we knew would be an 8-10 hour ride to the country to some other pastors’ churches. The meeting was scheduled for 6pm. We saw beautiful scenery along the way.

Listen, Black people are a rarity in many parts of the world. People would come from all around to get a glimpse of me, so many times I just love on them. We went to them, shook hand, started a conversation – and even let them touch me. Meanwhile I was just thanking God for allowing me to be the African American Ambassador for Christ to them. Christians come in all colors. Even beautifully Black. Thank God He has equipped me for this challenge.



As we traveled we saw many cows, which are considered to be gods here in Nepal and India. No beef is sold at all. I saw cows wander all across the streets. We kept on moving and later had lunch. It was very good Nepali food.

As we continued on to the place of service – we stopped by our new hotel, where we met a host of preachers waiting on us about 6. We rested for about 10 minutes and headed for an evening meeting – where we preached and prayed for many. Me, pastor, Chuck, Christine and Neal spoke. Denise sang and we prayed.


We heard and saw pictures of a woman who used to walk on all fours – bent over, hands and feet – but now is fully recovered. A healing from God…and she shared her testimony. Ate a late dinner, back at hotel.

Day 4 (No lights, No clothes, No Clean Path, No problem)

We got up…slept in late. Had breakfast and prayer at 8am, then we hit the road. Off to a school that the Sowers Ministry supports (one of which we have also sent money to help with students and supplies.) It was good to see it in person and some of the people around the world whose lives we were sowing into.

nepal70Had a Great ceremony. Children danced and performed for us. Denise and Christine spoke to the children. The rest of us gave short greetings. After the program we went inside to talk to the teacher and principal to see how else we could help. Learned some needed information.




Left there and went to one of the pastor’s in the neighborhood’s house and ate lunch. From there we went to a church service where about 200 people were wating for us. We got there about 230. They had been there since about 12:30 waiting. The building was extremely hot and all those bodies gathered in there. But nobody left. They was waiting on the people from America to come and share a word. So we spoke…each of us for about 15 minutes. Lights were out. Couldn’t read a text so we just had to come from the hip.

I talked about the promises of God. And then we prayed for about 45 minutes. Found out after service they had about 30-40 people who were waiting on us to baptize them. What a surprise – since we came with no baptizing clothes. But Neil always tells us to be prepared for anything. Things change quick in the field.


We Rolled up our pant legs and we marched in a nearby River – where the water was over my knees, and when I leaned back to baptize, all of me was totally wet!



Jesus says you will suffer many things on His account (Acts 9:16).



So we got back in the car. It’s dusk. Headed back to the pastor’s house for dinner. But we found out another pastor and church had been waiting for us to come by. Now tired, wet, and ready to skip dinner and go back to hotel. We stopped by the awaiting church where Neil taught for about 20 minutes and then we went back to Pastor’s house for dinner.

The rides were about 30 minutes apart, but the roads were so bad and bumpy that each stop took an hour or better. Finished dinner and finally headed back to the hotel. It’s dark now 8:30-9:00pm. And we saw that almost everybody was outside sitting on street corners, in driveways, on the side of the street. We asked the pastor riding with us why??? He said the houses were so hot inside that people stayed out as late as they could before going in for bed.

So as we headed back we came up on a large crowd of teenagers in the streets. Had the street blocked. Told us to turn around and go back the other way, which would have been about an 1.5 hour drive (in the U.S it would have been a 30 minute drive). So one of the neighborhood pastors got out the vehicle and went to these kids…(must been about 75 kids.)… and had them move over enough for our cars to pass by. As we passed by they hit the vehicle, staring at us. Thank God He keeps us. Allowed us to pass.

Upon passing them the rain started…started pouring down. Must have been raining  awhile. The streets was flooding where we were going. Another slow distraction. Tired, wet, frustrated, and mad. Cold shower. But I wouldn’t trade the day for nothing.

You must suffer many things for my sake. Hallelujah. Acts 9:16


Day 5 ( New Building, New Bibles, Remaining Committed)

We came down for breakfast about 8am. Left going to first meeting about 10am. It was a meeting on Sex Trafficking in Nepal. We were supposed to get some information and listen to see if we had any ideas about how to help. Who knows that wasn’t all?

I was called on to bring a short message, so I talked from Psalm 1, Being Happy. We left there and the girls wanted to find some Nepali dresses. So we went to a couple of stores for about an hour. From there we went to a school where Sower’s ministry helps provide for the kids. And we saw a new building the Sower’s Ministry built. Again, (Living Word Ministries), we see our donated dollars at work. We had a program there for about 3 hours. We all spoke for about 7 minutes to the kids. I told them there was a greatness in them. And made friends with a Nepali little girl.


From there we went to a women’s meeting where Christine and Denise did the speaking. We prayed for women after the meeting. Then went and had what we call a snack (Chicken fried rice – Nepali style) Not bad. From there we dashed off to another service which took about an hour to get there (arrived about 6:30). We all spoke. Neil, Chuck, and myself. I talked about God Uses Ordinary People like you Nepali People. We prayed and passed out Bibles.


The program lasted about 3.5 hours. It’s always great to give out bibles. People are so grateful. It’s not normal. It’s a luxury. We will remain committed to this work.



We went for dinner at about 10pm. Left about 10:45 headed back to hotel. Got there about 11:45. Noticed they had came and fixed our air conditioner. It was leaking in the room last night. They also made the beds for us. That was a first. And we seen a light on on the water heater in the bathroom.

Thinking we might have hot water, but we both were so tired that we didn’t even check it out. Went to bed. Will report on hot water- or not – tomorrow.


Day 6 (Leaders- Love- Leadership)

We slept in today. Left the hotel at 10:30. We only had one meeting today. As this was Christine and my last day. We went to a leader’s seminar – Igniting The Fire. We were charged to preach a message that encouraged these leaders, to light a fire in them and in their churches. I preached to them about how Jesus gathered His leaders (disciples and encouraged them that Servanthood would be a great key to the progression of the church John 13. We had 5 speakers, 3 dances, praise and worship and just a great time praying for the leaders and their wives and children.

The service lasted about 4 hours and the we ate lunch outside the church. The church was filled to capacity almost 250-300 people. The power cut the ceiling fans off, our only source of air – and it was raining outside, but we went on with the service. We all left dripping with sweat. But we would not trade the day (as Neil said) for a week in Hawaii. The Spirit of was so high.


We left and the girls had some custom suits made that we stopped and picked up.

Got back to hotel. A quick cold shower and laid down for the night about 6:00. The leaders and wives would come to the hotel and give some thoughts and share some concerns and eat a farewell dinner with us. Had a great meeting. Heard how the churches were growing at exploding rates. Needed a bigger building. A good problem to have.

Neil and the Sower’s Ministry pledged to help with the 3 pastors needs. One pastor stood up and said, “When I heard the Americans were coming, and they were coming to my church, I didn’t think we were good enough. I really didn’t know what to expect. I thought ‘My little church, they will be disappointed with.'” He said, “But you people blessed my church my people and really showed us that you loved us.” He said that he had a terribly wrong impression of Americans.

Thank God for the simpleness of Neil Anderson. And how the team has to understand we’re here to serve not for any other reasons. And Neil doesn’t teach this. You just get it by watching his leadership and the other team members. Well its about 830. We’re getting up at 330 to be in lobby for 4am to take a 10 hour drive back to Kathmandu. To catch a flight back home. See you later Nepal. If God says the same.


Days 7-8 I’ll Do It All Over Again If I had too


We left hotel about 3:45am. Headed back. The Roads are so bad in Nepal we only had about 250 miles to travel but it took us 10 hours to get back to Kathmandu. Roads, cows, cars, buses, trucks, sheep crossing all made up our trip back.

We arrived in Kathmandu with about 2 hours for our flight to Delhi, India. The wait wasn’t bad. No air in the Airport. No TV. No comfortable chairs. But we waited it out. Got on plane to Delhi. About a 5 hour trip.

And then the wait began. We had almost an 8 hour layover in Delhi. Shopped, ate, sat, slept, and all again. Eight hours. That’s a day’s work! Plane came to take us to Frankfurt Germany… 8 hours. And we had about 2.5 hour layover. Did that pretty easy.

Got on plane in Germany to Houston. Took us about 11 hours to get home. By the time I got home I was so wiped out all I could do was sleep. Wake up about 10:30 Saturday morning. That’s when the trip was over for me, but what we saw and experienced I would do it all again tomorrow.

The Gospel is reaching great heights. The Kingdom is expanding beyond belief. I’m just so glad we (all you supporters and prayer warriors) get a chance to be a part of such an amazing move of the Holy Spirit in this world.

Yes I said ill do it all again tomorrow.


Conclusion (Some finishing facts about Nepal)

  1. Men walk hand and hand or arm around shoulder. No “funny business,” just custom.
  2. Cows are sacred and are all over the place. In freeways, roads, countrysides. You could be riding down a street and run upon a group of cows walking unattended. You will have to wait to you can get by.
  3. We were here 6 days. 90 degree weather. Saw about 3,000 women only one had shorts on. Don’t know if it’s against custom or not.
  4. Bikes, people , motorcycle and scooters all on the same road together with no traffic lights. No lanes. Get in where you fit in.
  5. Much damage from 2015 earth quakes. Still prevalent everywhere.




Servant Leader McDaniel