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We call ourselves the biggest small church in Humble because we are in way over our head for Christ – which puts us directly in His will. In other words, we have God-sized missions…missions that we cannot do on our own. Only God can make them happen. He has assigned a small church in Humble, TX some great tasks.

Just like a person who loves to barbeque will not always fire up the huge pit but will use his small one for big projects as well, so God uses His small church to do big things for Christ. It’s not the pit, It’s the person on the pit. It’s not the size of the church, it’s the Spirit operating in and through the church.

We are launching our Church Growth 2018 Campaign. Why? Because there are bigger works we want to do. With more willing vessels we can do more for Christ, much like a skilled pit-master can be effective with a small pit, but can do much more with a big one. Wanting to do more for Christ requires “a bigger pit.” Covenant partnership has a key role in this enablement.


This is my friends church in Humble Tx. Rev. Kelvin McDaniel

Posted by William Irwin on Monday, September 11, 2017

Hurricane Harvey passed our way and hit our building hard. We had four feet of water throughout the entire church and basically had to redo the entire inside of the church. We spent a lot of money and lots of days getting off work and going to the church to work on the building. But God! We are fully restored – matter fact better than we were before!

The mission to do the works God has called us to do did not stop even though we went through what we went through. We stayed faithful to the call.

We are seeking covenant partners to join with us in 3 main areas:

  1. Financial Restoration of the church.
  2. WATER FOR THE WORLD. We’re building fresh water wells in Nepal, where people walk for miles and miles in hopes of finding water. For more information about WATER FOR THE WORLD, click on the link below.
  3. Bibles in China. Bibles are not sold in China. Church is not openly allowed. The value of a Bible in that land is priceless. But you and I can spend $3.00 to send one Bible. For more information about Bibles in China clink on this link.


You may want to pledge $6 per month for two bibles in China. Or $60 for 20 bibles in China.

Or you may have a heart for WATER FOR THE WORLD and prefer you money goes towards that.

Or you may just want to help the church recapture thousands of dollars spent bouncing back from the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.

With your support, we can do more for Christ.

Click the Donate Button above to sow your seeds. We thank you and we love you.

Servant Leader Kelvin McDaniel