Bibles In China



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Did you know Bibles are not sold in China? Imagine if you didn’t have a Bible or could not go up the street to purchase one.

Did you know there are no public churches in China? Church has to be an underground thing. Imagine living in a nation that doesn’t allow you to freely go to church.

So these Bibles have to be shipped into China and personally delivered to underground churches by a select few bold, Spirit-led people who know experientially where the churches are. These Bibles are like Gold, literally.

The price of one Bible is $3.00. Living Word sends bibles to China. This work is so impactful that we want to share it with you! With 3 dollars we buy a bag of candy from Dollar General, or a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy’s, or perhaps a bag of Lays Chips from Kroger.

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Don’t get me wrong, I like my Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, my Lays, and my item or two from Dollar General. But God sees a need overseas that’s greater than petty desire. That same $3.00 can provide a Bible for a household, of which a member will grow in Christ and may very well become a dynamic Christian. Look at God!

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I thank God for Servant Leader McDaniel. He is a one of a kind pastor. Not too many Christians will travel from country to country to get involved in works such as these. And since I have not been, there is something that I can do. I can send him by providing funds towards his plane tickets and by sending Bibles to China. You and I can get involved in that work from our couch, even driving down the street if you have your cell phone at hand.


To provide Bibles in China, click on this PayPal Button. Think in terms of “3.” Think of a number of Bibles you’d like to purchase. Two bibles…that’s $6.00. If that’s what your heart is led to give, be mindful that such a small seed as that can make a great impact. You may be able to provide a load of Bibles! That’s between you and God. Living Word is just the means to get the Bibles to China.

We Thank you for sending Bibles to China with us.