Thank You For Visiting.

At Living Word Ministries we:

  1. Encourage unity with joyful fellowship,
  2. Bridging the spiritual gap through discipleship,
  3. Demonstrating God’s love through service in our church and world,
  4. Loving the lost and leading them to the knowledge of Christ,
  5. While worshiping God in the splendor of His holiness.

We Are Honored!!!

We are so honored that you chose to visit our website. We realize that you could doing something else with your time, but you chose to visit us. This is a divine appointment. God bless you!!! And once again…you are welcome, welcome, welcome!!!

(Romans 12:4) Be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Our lives and churches must be built on the foundation of the Word of God and held together by the unfailing love of Jesus Christ. 

What On Earth Am I Here For???

“Have you ever asked yourself the question “What on earth am I here for?” You were created for a purpose! Without knowing that purpose and living it out, you would be wasting precious time and downgrading the quality of how you spend eternity.

We find pleasure in helping you discover and achieve God’s purposes for your life.

Without purpose, what is the purpose?”

Dissecting Our Purpose Statement


At Living Word Ministries…

1.We Encourage Unity With Joyful Fellowship

2.Bridging The Spiritual Gap Through Discipleship

3.Demonstrating God’s Love Through Service In Our Church And World

4.Loving The Lost And Bringing Them To The Knowledge Of Christ

5.While Worshiping God In The Splendor Of His Holiness